• Training and Careers

  • Our guards undergo a specialized training programme, prior to being assigned any task and we believe in consistent and regular refresher training modules. As a result, we have devised advanced training programmes, adopted from various on-site situations.  Our training team has studied, discussed various practices and procedures, which are a milestone in the industry.
  • Our intensive training programme includes:
  1. Physical fitness, drill, saluting and marching
  2. Ideas on how to deal with people, and react productively in an emergency or crisis
  3. Method of search (man and vehicle)
  4. Fire protection and fire-fighting
  5. Documentation
  6. Quality Check
    • Our guards undergo a specialized and exhaustive programme before placement, and   thereafter once every fortnight, constantly learning and improving. With our client-centric approach and keeping in view other security factors, we regularly move guards to different locations with the approval of our customers, to ensure a low degree of familiarization with other personnel and geography.  To complement the services, we have a strict supervision policy and regularly review the performance of our guards.  The inputs are based on the supervisor’s report, training, attendance and performance and also clients’ inputs.