• Services and Operations

  • Winged Lion Security Services include a collection of security offerings in and around Delhi, and the security services are demand-driven based on the clients’ needs and the changing security environment. The most popular of these services include security in:    
  1. Office Complexes
  2. Factory Complexes
  3. Educational Institutions
  4. School children in Transit
  5. Girls’ Hostels
  6. Farmhouses
  7. Residential areas



We ensure secure spaces\Security Services

  • ‘Winged Lion Security Services’ prides in customized security services, which effectively use technology and innovations to create systems that are based on your specific requirements and are cost-effective.


  • We provide office security services to corporate houses, with our security personnel well-trained to deal with issues related to cash, visitors and infrastructure facilities, ensuring safe spaces for everyone.


  • As part of our endeavour to provide varied security solutions, we have trained lady guards for girls’ hostels and commercial organizations, who are equipped to handle emergency situations and are well-acquainted with various procedures to be followed in a tough situation.


  • Our company is involved in a wide spectrum of security, be it for condominiums, factories, commercial and office buildings, schools etc. Our professional team, which has valuable expertise in varied aspects of the security industry, is also equipped to provide a comprehensive security audit of buildings and suggest improvement areas and options of security devices and monitoring systems like clocking, cameras and patrolling systems covering specific locations and sites.


  • In areas which have a steady inflow of people and are recreational areas, like malls, supermarkets, condominiums etc, effective security strategies to prevent crime are paramount. Our company has experience, techniques and security personnel to safeguard these properties and people.


  • Pre-school, high school, colleges, coaching institutes, universities, we have experts to fit your requirements. Our company has tailor-made security solutions to protect your assets, be it students or classrooms. Our school security guards are specifically selected and trained for the job, and come with an experience and knowledge to handle any security situation that may arise. We also provide special services like after-hours patrol, parking security, information service centers etc.